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Never the Same….What does it mean?

It means when you spend part of your summer giving yourself away to make a difference in someone else’s life, something incredible happens in YOU!

In 2015, we will be travelling to Ecuador to minister to those bringing hope, help, and the truth of the Gospel so they know the grace of their Savior during our trip. To do this, we need you! Will you join us on this trip? If you will, we promise you will “Never be the Same”!

We want to allow every student the opportunity to go on missions and experience for themselves the hope that springs up in children’s eyes as they witness our drama and get help through our work projects.  How wonderful it is to bring hope to people struggling and support their communities and specific families as we minister in Ecuador.

Can we count on you?

It’s now. If not now, then when? This time — will be unique, because this time it will be personal. We will visit several communities as we minister going into homes, praying with them, and helping them as we are able. Extend your trip a week and minister in the Galapagos Islands  with us on the extended trip. After the Galapagos Islands we are continuing on to India/Nepal. Details on the trip application.

Check out this video to get an idea what the trip is like!
 You Will come back Never The Same!

To make it simple, we have built a “count me in” application for you to complete online. – First, Fill out our Count Me In application on this site. – Second, Pray about joining us in 2015 – Finally, Fill out the Student or Leader in Training/Adult application that best fits your age group.

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