I’m Home, Now What?

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Here are the top ten things to do now that you are safely back home:

10.) Wash your clothes (or throw them away).

9.) Catch up on sleep.

8.) Tell your parents and all your friends about everything that you did on your trip. Share Pictures, post on Facebook, Tweet, etc. Don’t forget to reach out to anyone who donated toward your trip. Share with them the personal experiences you had as well as the ministry experiences you had with your team. be specific and detailed.

7.) Get the DVD on www.panama2012.com with all the pictures. (convince your parents that they saved so much money with you being out of the house for 2 weeks that they should use some of that savings to buy you the dvd). Then share the slideshow’s with everybody!

6.) Subscribe to susiemag @ www.susiemagazine.com and don’t forget your Mon-Wed discount code christmasinjuly when you subscribe. You won’t want to miss the November issue you and/or one of your team members may be in it!

5.)Eat something for lunch besides PB&J

4.) Watch all the videos on the new neverthesamemissions.com site. (Don’t miss the ones on “The Story” tab. These are the ones we will be profiling over the next four months. Get your sneak peak into the lives of those we will be changing in the near future.)

3.) Add us on Facebook and Twitter. The FB and TW accounts linked to the new site are the “official” neverthesamemissions and Big World Ventures pages. Add us to keep up with everything going on and for up to the second updates.

2.) Register at www.hopewear.com so you can start raising money for your peru trip in 2013. While you are there get all the HopeWear details and watch the video. Dont forget to add HopeWear on FB and Twitter as well. Then send people to the site to buy shirts to raise funds for the causes and your trip.

1.) Register on www.neverthesamemissions.com for your 2013 Peru trip. Fill out the short form online and send in $200 by August 31st and Big World Ventures will match your deposit up to $200. (If you register at HopeWear and not BWV your account will not link so register at both sites and if you sell enough shirts to make your $200 by Aug 31st the BWV match will kick in.)

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