The Details

Why “Never the Same” Missions

We do missions like no one else. Imagine having the opportunity to experience life-shaking ministry opportunities paired with transforming worship and powerful teaching all jammed into two weeks! It’s explosive. Add to that combination the fact that you will be working with villages and families who are anticipating your visit and praying for you at the same time as you are praying for them… The real question is: how could you EVER be the same?

Our History

Brio Magazine founding editor, Susie Shellenberger and Big World Ventures, a nonprofit Christian organization that specializes in planning short-term missions trips for teens and churches began taking students on missions trips in 1996, with our first trip to Bolivia. We’ve taken several thousand teens to Brazil, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, and Guatemala. Over the years, our reach has expanded beyond the influence of our subscribers. Today, teens from around the globe join us on our life-changing missions trips each year.

Our trips promise to be a life-changing experience! It’s our prayer that God will work in the lives of our teens to produce eternal changes and even call some of them into full-time ministry.


The Details

  • We take a medical staff with us.
  • Every evening we have our own service; teens are not even given an option to visit the city without adult supervision. We never use public transportation but charter our own buses.
  • Teens are allowed to bring cell phones and call home.
  • Shower and toilet facilities are available.
  • We recruit qualified Christian adults to fill the sponsor roles in addition to our staff.
  • We all stay together in one large hotel that will be a safe and comfortable environment.
  • We also take a professional counseling staff with us just in case a teen needs to talk about any issues that surface during the trip.

How much does it cost?

The trip cost is on the applications depending on which trip option you select.  Wanna know more? Click for the scoop!

Specifics regarding the “Never the Same” 2015 Missions trip.

Here are some of the things other parents are saying about Big World Trips:

“I couldn’t believe the organization and planning that went into the whole event, every moment is accounted for.” Heather L.

“The ministry was amazing, and there was never a moment the kids were in any unsafe environment. It’s obvious that there is a lot of thought that goes into where the kids minister each day.” Shannon M.

“I was so relieved to hear that Big World travels with a full medical staff. I believe in prayer, but it gives me peace of mind knowing there are trained professionals there for my daughter if she needs it.” Natalie B.

Big World VenturesBig World Ventures also handles the details of food and lodging, sight-seeing, international flight reservations, recruiting Christian interpreters and church representatives to follow up on new converts, reserving buses for ministry travel once in the country, scheduling ministry events for each day, and arranging a shopping excursion. For more information about Big World Ventures, you can visit at

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