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Our Mission  Ecuador

Believe it or not, it’s easy for missions work to become self-serving. Sounds crazy, I know, but it’s true. We are pre-disposed to focus on how we feel. We like to do things that make us feel good. At the end of the day we must serve, not for how we feel, but for Whom we follow. Jesus served the outcasts. He didn’t do it to find His worth but rather to help those He served, find theirs.

In light of Christ’s example of “personal ministry,” we have decided to make it personal wherever we minister. In the past, we have seen hundreds come to know Christ. All of those new believers have been connected with a local church. Unfortunately, in all the fast-paced ministry, many times we forget their faces and their names.

Last year a small team of leaders from Big World Ventures travelled to Peru with the task of investigating ministry opportunities for the teams we took this past summer. God met us and guided our every step. In five short days, bonds were formed with communities and families that cannot be explained.

We believe what God started last year, He intends to continue throughout all our mission trips. He has made it clear that our mission trip will be all about… “the people we will serve”. These are our VIP’s, and we believe that throughout the year and during next summer in Ecuador God will be working through us to help the people we will serve wherever we go.   This is our passion and this is also our plan for Ecuador for His glory.



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