When the Music Stops

Posted by Neverthesame on July 14, 2012  /   Posted in Panama

Nobody wants the music to stop, but it will. Panama has been great but in reality the trip is winding down and coming to an end. Time to start thinking about the rest of the summer and before long… yeah, going back to school. The hope and prayer of us all is that we will be different, somehow. Even though the place we go back to may be very much the same as we left it, we must be empowered to “keep the music going” in our hearts.

The music seems to stop when you change your focus. The music seems to stop when you get distracted. Just because you are soon leaving Panama doesn’t mean your journey is coming to an end. In many ways your journey is just beginning. Take the time to pray about Peru in 2013. Sign up now and trust God to help you find a way to get there next year.


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